EU IPA 2012 Judicial Efficiency Project


“4 Digits Consulting – Judiciary and Public Sector Support” is, as part of a consortium led by British Council, implementing the Judicial Efficiency Project (JEP) - a two year 4 million euro Rule of Law project funded by the EU, which started in January 2016.
Objectives of the JEP project are to strengthen the independence, efficiency, quality and accountability of the judiciary. Specifically, key problems to be addressed during project implementation are:

  • Case Backlog
  • Harmonization of Jurisprudence
  • Business processes in courts and public prosecutor offices
  • Performance management system
  • Transparency of judiciary and communication with public by courts and public prosecutors’ offices
  • Human resources management in judiciary

The project activities are structured under five components, whose activities are designed to improve the overall efficiency of the judiciary, and to facilitate the administration of justice in a fair, transparent and timely manner that secures the public’s trust and confidence.

Efficiency of the judicial network improved by enhancing the performance and functioning of judicial bodies

  • Improvements of the Unified Backlog Reduction plan
  • Analysis of the case law harmonization program and recommendations for improvement
  • Development and implementation of the improved case-law database system
  • Implementation of case weighting methodology in 20 pilot courts
  • Administrative streamlining, including random case allocation
  • Human Resource Strategy for the Judiciary


Enhancing ability of judicial bodies to accurately track, measure, monitor and report on performance, thus improving the accountability and transparency of the judicial system

  • Develop standardized performance management system
  • Data integrity review of the AVP CMS and data cleaning
  • Improvements and promotion of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation)
  • Roadmap for Interoperability of Judicial Information Systems, creation of Judicial Data Dictionary and XSD schemes for the most important data exchanges


Enhancing access to judicial bodies, transparency of the judiciary and communication with the public by courts and public prosecutors' offices.

  • Drafting and implementation of improved SPC and HCC Communication Strategy
  • Updating and improving normative framework (legislation, by-laws, regulations and acts) regarding judicial efficiency and relevant to projects areas of intervention (in line with objectives, activities and deadlines as set out in the Action Plan for Chapter 23)
  • Gap analysis of relevant laws/bylaws (guided by Action Plan for Chapter 23) and recommendations for changes
  • Changes to legal/regulatory framework targeting improvements in efficiency


Enhancing professional competencies and knowledge related to judicial efficiency and relevant to project areas of intervention

  • Identifying training needs and capacity building curricula and programs related to judicial efficiency
  • Support to HJC, SPC, SCC, RPPO and JA in determining the capacity-building needs of target groups
  • Preparing operational plan for the development of educational materials in coordination with Judicial Academy
  • Supporting organization and delivery of capacity-building trainings for relevant target groups

4 Digits Consulting has, as a local partner, taken an active and significant role in the project successful implementation, with the vast majority of the Project Key, Senior and Junior experts being 4DC members or have being recruited from the 4DC pool of experts.


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