The involvement of 4DC members in local and international justice sector reform projects as deputy directors, managers and senior consultants resulted in significant proven achievements:

•  Design, development and implementation of a unified case management system for commercial, basic and higher courts in Serbia (AVP), through USAID’s CCASA project (Project received a USAID performance rating of “5-Outstanding,” a ranking used only in rare circumstances where contractor performance clearly exceeds “Excellent,” and cited by the USAID Mission Director as the most successful project in the USAID Serbia portfolio).

•  Creation and implementation of the court case management system for Indonesian courts through USAID’s – In-ACCE judiciary reform project in Indonesia.

•  Design, development and implementation of the Electronic Reporting System used by all bankruptcy administrators in Serbia to manage their cases and submit monthly reports electronically to the Bankruptcy Supervision Agency (performed by USAID- BES project).

•  Design, development and implementation of the Risk-Based Management System for Bankruptcy Supervisors – an expert system that searches bankruptcy reports and identifies questionable activities that warrant attention. 

•  Implementation of the Portal of Serbian Courts ( for on-line case tracking (received the “Right to Know Day” award for transparency in public sector in 2007).

•  Design, development and implementation of the module for Large Creditors in use in commercial and basic courts in the Republic of Serbia.

•  Design, development and implementation of the Central Register of Enforcement Debtors in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia.

•  Introduction and implementation of e-filing procedures in higher, basic and commercial courts, enabling electronic submission and exchange of documents between courts and lawyers, with introduction of electronic signature (for the first time in the history of the Serbian judiciary).

•  Development of backlog reduction strategy for Serbian courts in cooperation with the Supreme Court of Cassation Implemented by "Separation of Powers Program (SPP)", USAID's judiciary reform project..

•  Development of recommendations for the Chamber of Private Bailiffs in regard to the functional specification of a private bailiff case management system.

•  Implementation and improvement of BPMIS application for the High Court Council and all the courts in Serbia for creation and submission of financial plans, with sophisticated analytical tools.

•  Development and implementation of HR software for the High Court Council in Serbia.

•  Reform and computerization of the Serbian court system. Management of different judiciary areas, including: Institutional Strengthening; Performance Indicators; Court Operations; Information Technology; Training & Professional Development; Communications, Legal & Regulatory and court renovation.

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